Privacy Policy

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We serve (mostly) free and open-source services. We do not track nor sell user's data to third-parties. Neither we use any form of tracking pixels or unique fingerprinting.

We keep the right to update this document without notifying our users about the change.

By using our services you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


We host our projects on the infrastructure provided by FTdL (website) which is located in Krakow, Poland. Your data administrator is Nove (;

In our database, we only store necessary info you provided us through NAPI. Detailing

Some of this info is accessible publicly and we provide a tool that allows you to change the state of your profile. Sensitive data like language, account about me is not displayed if you change it to private.

We have additional features that collect data and are disabled by default: device logger. When enabled it collects device IP and platform (OS, type). It displays that information in the account security tab. That data is stored for 30 days on our servers and later is deleted. If you opt-out from this feature the data is immediately deleted.

Provided email is not used for marketing purposes.

Data retention policy

To delete your account go to Security section on the Account page, then scroll down to 'Delete Nove account'.

Data you have encrypted in our services using your password is truly encrypted and we cannot decrypt it.

We can delete accounts if they are not verified for at least 3 days.

We can delete accounts for violation of our Terms of Service.

Every account deletion performed by a service administrator has a cause that the owner of the deleted or disabled account is aware of after or a few days before the deletion.

If a user lost access to their account, they can request password reset or account deletion through the mail they provided to us during registration.

We keep user data as long as they have account in NAPI.